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Relativity Structured Analytics and Concept Analytics

Structured Analytics

Identifies email relationships by grouping related email items together. Then, email metadata is extracted and normalized, including all forwards, replies, and reply-all messages.

Identifies aliases (proper names, email addresses, etc.) within email headers. Groups aliases into entities (people, distribution groups, etc.).

Identifies records that are textual near-duplicates (those in which most of the text appears in other records in the group and in the same order).

Identifies the primary and secondary languages (if any) present in each record. Provides the percentage of the message text that appears in each detected language.

Conceptual Analytics

Allows user to create a set of example documents that Analytics uses as the basis for identifying and grouping other conceptually similar documents.

Requires minimal user input to create groups of conceptually similar documents. Creates an interactive map that allows for quick overviews of cluster sets.

Find information without a precisely phrased query by applying a block of text against the database to find documents that have similar conceptual content.


Grounded by over a decade of trial tested expert experience, ULD’s forensics services provides clients with... defensible collection and analysis of ESI. ULD’s end-to-end forensic services aids clients in both criminal and civil matters with ESI sources of everyday consumer products to complex government and enterprise systems.

Cyber Claims Consulting

The cyber claims industry is relatively new yet increasingly maturing. The nature of this type of claim is technical... and complex, and resolution is vital to business continuity. ULD’s cyber claims consulting services provides clients with the experience necessary to promote an expeditious claim process.

Transcript / Translate

Powered by our partner Veritone’s ai WARE system, ULD offers near real-time transcription and translation services of... audio and visual files. This enables our clients to keyword search audio and video files as well as redact words, phrases and even faces within videos.  With machine translation, reviewers can click on any foreign language document or batches of documents in Relativity and translate from over 100 different languages in near real-time.

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